Nature Club

The Nature Club in the campus is a collective of individuals passionate about the exploration,
preservation, and admiration of the extraordinary aspects of the natural realm. The club, led
by the NSS programme officers, offers a variety of outdoor activities which provide members
with the opportunity to fully engage with the natural environment. The students here acquire
knowledge about the significance of environmental preservation and the practice of
sustainable living through captivating workshops, enlightening presentations, and
participatory conversations. The club offers useful knowledge on subjects like biodiversity,
climate change, and ecosystem preservation, enabling members to become champions for
environmental care. Students and staff of the college participate in practical conservation
initiatives focused on safeguarding and revitalising nearby ecosystems. It actively participates
in environmental activities such as tree planting. Through these efforts, the institution aims to
make a good impact on the environment and enhance the health and resilience of ecosystems.
Nature photography is encouraged to capture the exquisite allure of the natural world with a
camera. Photographic competitions and exhibitions that highlight the variety and beauty of
the natural world are a part of the campus life here. The club through its collaborative work
instills a commitment to environmental conservation and nurtures a collective consciousness
of environmental accountability among participants.