EARN WHILE YOU LEARN is an innovative scheme designed by the Higher Education
Department Government of Kerala to inculcate a value-conscious educational community in
the modern-day academic environment and enable them to acquire vocational skills and
thereby acquire saving habits and financial self-reliance. The design of the said project is
based on the cyclical concept of working with learning and thereby saving, economic self-
sufficiency and the financial stimulus it creates in society. The ultimate aim of the project is
to effectively transform a knowledge society into a knowledge economy, thereby making the
society in which the student belongs more cohesive and on a holistic development path. The
EARN WHILE YOU LEARN project, is aimed to discover the hidden talents in each student
and to find the field of activity according to their abilities and thereby design a secure future
life. EARN WHILE YOU LEARN is a powerful project that can wipe out unemployment in
Kerala, which is leading in literacy. The college has implemented it in the departments with

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