National Service Scheme

The institution’s National Service Scheme (NSS) makes the student a participatant in
community service activities to enhance personal growth and become conscientious members
of society. The National Service Scheme is an active platform that promotes social
responsibility, leadership abilities, and civic participation among our students. Our objective
is to create a beneficial influence on society by engaging in many community service projects
and initiatives. Simultaneously, we strive to offer students chances for personal and
professional development.
Our NSS volunteers enthusiastically engage in a diverse array of community outreach
endeavours, encompassing environmental preservation, healthcare efforts, and educational
undertakings. Through partnerships with local organisations and community leaders, our goal
is to actively tackle urgent social problems and make meaningful contributions to the
betterment of society.
Engaging in NSS activities provides students with valuable chances to cultivate
crucial life skills such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. By actively
participating in the NSS and taking on leadership positions, students acquire practical skills
that enhance their academic education and equip them for future pursuits. Involvement in
NSS at the institution extends beyond academic accomplishments to promote comprehensive
personal growth and advancement. Through engaging in purposeful service endeavours and
engaging in introspection about their encounters, students acquire empathy, compassion, and
a profound feeling of societal duty that moulds their own attributes and perspective on the
world. NSS here addresses the needs of the community and fosters sustainable development.
Our students are equipped with the ability to create a positive impact on the lives of others
and contribute to the development of a more improved society, whether it be by organising
health camps, conducting awareness campaigns, or guiding skill-building workshops.
Students cultivate leadership abilities through the process of organising and implementing
service initiatives, as well as rallying fellow volunteers. These skills enable them to
effectively drive positive change in society.
The institution’s NSS programme engages in a transformative experience focused on
service, learning, and personal development, in order to create a significant impact on the

world and motivate others to adopt the principles of volunteering and active participation in

NSS REPORT 2022-2023

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