Vision & Mission

The College has effectively communicated Vision and Mission statements that align with the Union of India’s educational policy. The College supports the advancement of the democratic and secular principles enshrined in the Indian Constitution. We equip young people with the skills necessary to succeed in sports and cultural initiatives in addition to the classroom. In addition to this, the college guides its students towards incorporating moral and ethical principles, as well as cultural awareness, into their academic endeavours. Moreover, the diverse array of clubs operating within the institution imparts social orientation and cultivates soft skills.



“Educating the mind for the pursuit of truth”


  •  Improve the status of the rural and socially marginalized through education
  •  Mould the youth into responsible citizens of tomorrow
  • Help students gain unswerving confidence in them and faith in virtuous thought
  • Help develop a humane outlook and a strong civic sense
  • Help think clearly and critically and communicate effectively
  • Help develop an understanding of the unity of all knowledge including the religious.
  • Help develop a global vision.
  • Help promote a liberal social outlook, and ethical view of progress and an enriched
    inner life.

The vision of the college is communicated to the students and teachers through the unique work culture sustained through continuous self-assessment and periodical renewal. The
college calendar states the vision and the mission of the college clearly in its preamble itself. The socio-ethical commitment of the college is communicated to its stakeholders through  the
meticulousness  it observes in the allotment of seats as per governmental norms, its impartial treatment of students and staff irrespective of distinctions in caste, religion or gender, the host
of community service programmes it organizes and the moral uprightness it insists on in each of its vital decisions.