The institution informs the students and helps them avail a wide range of financial aid in their
academic pursuits. The students are informed of the criteria for eligibility, specific
instructions for the application process, and the deadlines to advance your educational goals.
The purpose is to provide assistance to students who are striving for academic success. The
range of scholarships (state and central) based on merit and financial need assist the student
in reducing the financial strain of pursuing higher education and recognizing exceptional

1.       Bhinnasheshy Souhrida Scholarship
2.       C.H Muhammded Koya Scholarship
3.       Higher Education Scholarship
4.       State Merit Scholarship
5.       Central Sector Scholarship
6.       Post Matric Scholarship
7.       Post Matric Scholarship with Disabilities
8. PG Indira Gandi scholarship for single child
9.      Snehapoorvam Scholarship
10.    Prof Joseph Mundassery Scholarship
11.   Chief Ministers Scholarship
12. Suvarna Jubilee Merit Scholarship
13. Hindi Scholarship